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    Cross-strait motor electronics industry pushes "smart manufacturing" development
    Published: 2016-08-02 14:47:23   

    "Continental motor manufacturing has advantages. We focus on R&D. The two sides can complement each other and expand overseas markets." At the 7th Cross-Strait Electrical and Electronic Appliances Expo held in Ningde City, Fujian Province, Taiwanese exhibitor Huang Zhiwei said on the 19th.

    Huang Zhiwei has never been absent from any "Electronic Expo". Huang Zhiwei's main product is the intelligent motor. He said: "This expo has played a positive role in the promotion of products."

    It is reported that a total of 31 Taiwanese companies have come to participate in this "Electronic Expo", with an exhibition area of ​​nearly 400 square meters.

    The cross-strait motor electronics industry focused on "smart manufacturing" and became the biggest bright spot. The reporter saw at the scene that the Taiwan Electrical Machinery Museum exhibited Taiwan's electric motors, generators and electronic products, and also highlighted Taiwan's unique automatic motor products; the industrial painting robots, 3D printing and high-intelligent CNC machine tools developed by the two-way electrical and electrical exhibitors. Intelligent manufacturing equipment has also appeared.

    Insiders pointed out that the intelligent market of electric machinery and electrical industry in Ningde City is still blank. As the labor cost of the mainland gradually rises, it is the general trend to move toward smart manufacturing.

    Taiwan's exhibitor Sun Tao has a rectangular solid cabinet in the booth. With the buzzing sound, the robotic arm is working in an orderly manner: the sly lucky cat, the colorful roses, and the vivid fish are all Out of thin air, it’s very eye-catching.

    According to Sun Tao, this 3D printer was developed in 2009 and started to be launched in the following year, mainly to Europe and the United States. Since 2015, it has launched a full-color 3D printer on the mainland, mainly used in the teaching field to develop students' hands-on ability and thinking. creativity.

    “Ningde is the capital of China's small and medium-sized motors”. 3D printers can be well applied to the first-mode printing of motor development, which greatly saves money and time.” Sun Tao said that he will gradually move to medical auxiliary equipment, precision industrial manufacturing and other fields. development of.

    Luo Huaijia, deputy secretary-general of the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Industry Association, said that the two sides have great complementarities in motor manufacturing and have great cooperation space, which can be jointly exported and invested overseas.

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