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    What mechanism is used in the fan shaker mechanism?
    Published: 2016-07-09 10:31:16   

    The utility model relates to an electric fan shaking head mechanism, comprising an electric motor, a gear box assembly and a rocking head connecting rod. The motor and the tooth box assembly are mounted on the Y-shaped bracket, and the Y-shaped bracket is fixed on the connecting head, wherein the one end of the moving head connecting rod and the Y-shaped bracket The other end is connected to the gearbox assembly through a transmission mechanism. The transmission mechanism is an upper and lower crank cover controlled by the gear box assembly for rotating motion, and the crank cover and the connecting rod cooperate to push the electric fan to perform the composite moving head movement. The replacement of the synchronous motor by the mechanical transmission makes the performance more stable, the quality is more reliable, and the structure is simple and the cost is low.
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