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    How to set up the electronic timer program
    Published: 2016-06-04 11:04:00   

    The electronic timer consists of a gear assembly and a set of contacts plus a small power motor. The general timer is set according to the working requirements of the controlled appliance. Which of the electrical appliances needs to work for a long time, and which way the electrical appliance needs to be powered off for a long time. These actions are all set by the timer to set the gear rotation time. The concave-convex gear is caused to make the contact action, and the timer is automatically controlled.
       Many home appliances now have timers installed to control the switch or working hours.
       First, adjust the current time operation button When the operation button uses the timer, you must first adjust the display time of the timer to the current time.
       (1) While holding down the “Clock” button, press the “Week”, “Hour” and “Minute” buttons to adjust to the current time. (Each press for one hour, long press to quickly adjust.)
       (2) After pressing the “Clock” button for 3 seconds, the current time is increased by 1 hour. At the same time, the LCD displays “Daylight Saving Time” and enters the daylight saving time function. Press the clock button for 3 seconds to cancel the daylight saving time function. The time is automatically reduced by 1 hour. .
       Second, the setup procedure
       (1) Press the “Set” button to enter the timing mode setting, and “1 On” is displayed on the screen.
       (2) Press "hour", "minute" and "week", that is, the time when the first group starts to work. Among them, press the "week" button to select different week combination mode. The timer can only be operated for the set number of weeks, depending on the requirements.
       (3) Press “Set” button again, “1 off” is displayed on the screen, that is, the first group of timing off time, and the time setting refers to the one-on setting method. By analogy, up to 20 groups can be set to open and close.
       (4) Press “Clock” to return to the current time after the setting is completed.
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